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Centre Dental Vilanova is a group of people with a philosophy of professional performance based on offering our patients an honest and clear approach to improve their health, function and oral aesthetics.

In our center, we have the most advanced knowledge and technology necessary to guarantee optimal treatment results. Our success is based on the TRUST that we have been able to establish with our patients throughout more than 20 years of experience in the Garraf. Our motto continues to be “Excellence as a rule”.

Our team


Juan Carlos Álvarez
Oral surgeon – Implantology


Laia Garcia
Medical Director – Prosthodontist


Miriam Halas
Periodontista i Odontopediatra


Maika Agon


Laura Gómez
Clinical Assistant




Ximena Soto


Malu Ortiz

Our commitment

Centre Dental Vilanova began in 2016 a dental care project to facilitate access to health for the entire adult population of the municipality of Vilanova i la Geltrú and has signed with the social service of Vilanova a collaboration agreement for the project “Odontología X tothom ” It is a solidarity initiative to contribute to the extension and access to assistance and dental treatments for families in situations of social vulnerability. The objective is to guarantee the coverage of certain dental treatments to the population of the municipality that, due to its economic situation, cannot assume the cost of the necessary oral treatments not covered by the hospital system, that is, the Social Security. The Dentistry Unit of the Sant Antoni Abat Hospital joined this project shortly after, and unfortunately, has stopped collaborating after a while.

The health care circuit makes it possible for children between 3 and 18 years old as well as adults to access treatments such as preventive diagnostic tests, oral cleansings and other treatments of greater scope. “Odontología X tothom” guarantees the coverage of these treatments whose expenses will be borne by the clinic in solidarity.

The service is semi-free, they are simply asked for a 3 euros co-payment per visit as a way to value the service offered.

Ajuntament de Vilanova i la Geltrú

Consorci de Serveis a les Persones

Centre Dental Vilanova has signed local agreements with:

Convenio de tratamientos economicos en la clinica centre dental Vilanova
Convenio entre el dentista centre dental vilanova y la empresa monocrom
Convenio entre la empresa Mahle y la clinica centre dental vilanova
Convenio ente la clinica Centre dental Vilanova y la empresa Mago
Convenio entre Gervall y la clinica centre dental Vilanova
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