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Removable resin dentures, for patients who do not want to carry implants.

Crowns and bridges
made of metal-ceramic

Ceramic crowns and bridges without metal.
More information on esthetic

Porcelain veneers to modify the appearance of the tooth.
More information on esthetic

All types of dental prostheses
on implants
More information on implants

Skeletal, which are removable partial dentures with metal base.


In Centre Dental Vilanova we can offer you different ways of financingwith and without interest, which cover a time limit of “three months to five years” adapting to your needs.

  • Financing up to 5 years.
    Financing without interest up to 48 months.
  • EXPRESS financing with only DNI.
  • Financing “à la carte”.
  • Come and learn personally about these advantages in our center.

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