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There are many problems that can spoil a smile, in Centre Dental Vilanova thanks to our specialists in aesthetics, we have solutions for all of them.

Teeth whitening

Clarify the color of the teeth in a totally painless treatment and without wearing out any teeth. It is a little abrasive technique and with spectacular results in most cases.


Correct the shape, color or distribution of your teeth with minimal wear with thin porcelain or resin plates attached to the teeth.

Ceramic crowns

In weakened teeth that need to be reinforced or in dental absences, you can also achieve the highest aesthetics thanks to ceramic crowns without metal.

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

It is a highly demanded treatment nowadays due to its regeneration capacity. Its use has been increasing in multiple medical specialties (dentistry, traumatology, dermatology, hair transplant).

On the face it regenerates the dermis, improving its consistency and thickness, since it stimulates the cells to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. The skin looks more hydrated and smoother.


The aesthetics of the gum is very important to achieve optimal oral aesthetics. The remodeling of the gum around your teeth will make the final aesthetic result perfect. Smile without complex thanks to this simple technique that Centre Dental Vilanova masters.

Closing of spaces

It is possible, thanks to the different aesthetic treatments that we mentioned above (ceramic or composite veneers or crowns).


In Center Dental Vilanova we can offer you different ways of financing, with and without interest, which cover a time limit of “three months to five years” adapting to your needs.

  • Financing up to 5 years.
  • Financing without interest up to 48 months.
  •  EXPRESS financing with only DNI.
  •  Financing “à la carte”.
  • Come and ask, in person, about these advantages in our center.

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