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Pediatric Dentistry
Seals or fillings

The lesion caused by caries is restored. The fillings designed to match the color of the teeth are called composites. The composites “stick” or adhere to the tooth. This allows the dentist to carry out a more conservative tooth repair.


When a decay extends to the area of ​​the dental pulp or “nerve”, the affected pulp must be cleaned to avoid possible infections. Special cements are applied to protect the root pulp and the tooth is clogged.


Treatment that is performed when a caries has caused the infection of the entire dental pulp, producing pain, the appearance of a phlegmon and a fistula in the gum. It consists in extracting all the “nerve” of the tooth and leave a medication that will be reabsorbed as well as the roots when the definitive tooth erupts. The cavity of the caries is then clogged.

Preventive measures are necessary for children and parents to learn to maintain proper oral health in the child, thus preventing the appearance of caries and periodontal pathology in the future.

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